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Rose Quartz – The Tension Melting Massager


Product Details:

Rose Quartz – The Stone of Love

Product Name: – The Tension Melting Massager

Regain a sense of calm!

Our beauty massage roller is designed to treat face and neck. Use to deeply massage skin and muscles. The diamond grade cut on the double roller is designed to fit every facial corner.


Our Tension Melting Massager can help to:

  • Massage face and neck to release tension
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Sculpt and add definition to facial features
  • Reduce facial puffiness
  • Promote blood circulation

How to use:

Cleanse your skin and apply your favourite serum.

  • Begin with the neck and roll our Tension Melting Massager along the base of the neck and shoulders. Due to the special shape and angle of the roller you will feel a deep kneading massage.
  • Moving to the face, roll the Massager in an outwards and upwards direction across the contours of the face.
  • Breath deeply and let the tension melt away.


We only use Natural and Authentic stones, as such each stone is unique in colour.

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