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White Jade Gua Sha


Product Name:

White Jade – The Healing Stone

Product Details:

The Gua Sha

Fancy a natural mini facial face lift? Yes please!

Our White Jade luxurious self-massage sculpting stone (known as the “eastern face lift”) is designed to enhance your natural beauty by supporting collagen and elastin production. Incorporate this simple massage tool technique to define, contour and enhance your facial feature as it aides in lymphatic flow for healthy, radiant skin.

Gua Sha Benefits:

  • Stimulates circulation for that glowy skin
  • Lifts and contours facial features
  • Increases elasticity in the skin
  • Boost’s radiance

How to use:

  • Always start with a clean face and apply your preferred oil or serum to the face and neck
  • keeping the Gua Sha flat against your forehead glide upwards from the eye brow to the hair line, continue 3-5 times.
  •  Onto the cheeks, start at the crease of the nose sweeping outwards to the ear, continue 3-5 times.
  • To the jawline, using the two curves of the tool gently press onto the centre of the chin and glide upwards to the earlobe to contour the Jaw, continue 3-5 times
  • Under eyes, start in the inner corner of the eye and glide outwards to the temple using feather-light strokes, continue, 2-3 times.

We only use Natural Authentic stones, as such each stone is unique in colour.

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